Simone France- Skin Care- 1 month update

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My Thoughts-
Well, it’s been one month since I started using Simone France skin care products. it took awhile to get use to the routine, especially putting aside the time to do the morning cleaning, but now I wouldn’t want my skin care regimen any other way.
I had some issues with my neck breaking out. Part of it was because I didn’t know what to with my face after a workout and the other problem was I was using the product incorrectly. The awesome thing is they have a great customer service. I emailed them my issues and they got back to me right away with info on how to help and what I may be doing wrong. Since I made the changes my acne has started to go away and I am now almost pimple free. I’m sure in another week it will all be gone.
I have noticed a huge change in my skin since using Simone France products. My skin is so soft. I think it even feels like a babies skin. And all my embarrassing discoloring has really lightened up and is almost an even skin tone now. I also noticed that I don’t have dry, flaky eyebrows anymore either. I use to have to put a lot of lotion on them to keep them from flaking and now I don’t need anything. One other thing I noticed, and I’m not sure if it has to do with the new cleaning system I’m using. But I stopped having dry eyes(using drops daily) since changing to Simone France. I have a feeling the products I was using before were drying them out with their harsh chemicals.
I took “before” and “after” photos. I don’t think they show enough of the changes I actually see, but you can see some of it.

Here are two videos of my day and night routines. As you can see there are a few steps to follow and they are easy to do.



I am totally in love with Simone France. One more thing I wanted to add is that I’ve been using their product for 30 days now and I still have at least 15 more days of product I can use. I just need to buy more cleansing cloths. I love how long this product can last.
Great product that works, awesome customer service, long lasting product. You can’t go wrong with Simone France.


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Simone France is the renowned French-born skin care expert whose healing hands and top-of-the-line products have cared for some of the world’s most beautiful faces. Known as the beauty insider’s “secret address” because you had to know someone to get an appointment, she built a cult-like following while giving facials to her A-list (and very private) clientele. Dozens of beauty editors from Vogue to Elle to Oprah Magazines, superstars like Madonna and supermodels like Cindy Crawford, along with thousands of working moms (and dads!) relied on her famous facials and at-home regimen during her long career. “ See more about Simone France on their About Us page.