TigTagz Safety Shirts

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A few weeks ago I shared a review of TigTagz I.D. bracelets. Moo pulled hers off while reviewing the product but Lee’s has lasted a long time. She is still wearing hers, it looks a bit worn but the print on it still is clear, so people can contact us if she is lost. The bracelet has lasted a long long time and looks like it’s going to last until Lee is tired of wearing it.
Now back to Moo, she fought and fought until she was able to chew off her bracelet. Thankfully TigTagz has come up with Safety Shirts. The shirts come in many different styles for both girls and boys. On the front it says “If lost, please check under my left sleeve”. And under the sleeve there is a contact number and name, TigTagz can personalize it for a small fee or you can use a sharpie and add it yourself. This would be what we’d need for Moo, she wont rip it off or loose it, plus I think she’d love the princess design so much, she’d want to wear it all the time.
TigTagz Safety Shirts are sold as single shirts or 3 packs for a discounted price!