“Winterberries and Apple Blossoms” book review

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“Winterberries and Apple Blossoms” by Nan Forler and illustrated by Peter Etril Snyder
“With an evocative poem for every month of the year, young Naomi introduces us to her family and hosts a journey through the seasonal rhythms of her rural Mennonite community.”

My Thoughts-
There are 12 poems in this book. They each are from the view point of a young Mennonite girl. Each poem reflects on what she might do in that month and her thoughts with it. My favorite is the poem in June, picking berries and making homemade icecream. I felt like it was already Summer reading it. Lee loved November, Naomi talks about making fresh bread, muffins and cookies and getting to enjoy just a taste of the dough. When I bake that is Lee’s favorite part too.
At the end of the book there are twelve different recipes to make. One for each month and each incorporates what is in season at that time. I told Lee that we will make one each month. She can’t wait to make the homemade icecream and berries in June and I can’t wait to make the Pumpkin Muffins this October. The great thing about each recipe is it is labeled on how easy or hard it is to make, so you can decided before you start if you want to try it out.
The illustrations in this book are very beautiful too. Each painting gives you a great feel for each of the poems. You can see the story unfold in the picture.
We really enjoyed reading this book together and can’t wait to try out the recipes. I totally would recommend this book to my readers. It’s a great family book to own.

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