10 Day Shakeology Challenge with Operation Fit

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Today I am joining Crystal of Operation Fit in a 10 day Shakeology Challenge. We are to drink Shakeology for one meal and then follow a meal plan they they set up for us to follow for the next 10 days. I submitted my start weight(189.8lbs) and my start waist(35.25in) today. As part of the group I also had to agree to get at least 30 minutes of fitness 8 out of the 10 days. This will be easy as I usually workout 6 out of a 7 day week, taking Sunday off.
I’m hoping the loose more weight, I’ve been struggling the past few months to loose the last 15-20lbs I want to loose and I’m hoping the challenge will give me a boost.
Crystal has already been an amazing support to me and is easy to talk to when I have questions. I just “met’ her last month on facebook and I’ve really enjoy talking with her and being encouraged by her journey and her knowledge in weight loss and fitness.
I highly encourage you to join her team on Beachbody. She’s a great coach and doesn’t pressure you to buy anything, she just is there to support you and encourage you on your journey. (click ‘Join’ and set up either a free account or a Club Membership. She will send you a welcome email and help you get set up with what you need.)
I’m looking forward to these next 10 days and really hope to see some results. I plan on making a post 11 days from now with my results and opinion on the meals. I’m also going to be trying Strawberry Tropical Shakeology, I usually drink Chocolate Shakeology, so it will be nice for a change. I’ll let you know what I think of that too.

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