April 2012- Rogers TV apperance “daytime”

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Today I got to be on Rogers Cable 20 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area, on the show ‘daytime’, this was my 13th appearance on the show. The show airs LIVE at noon and then re-air at 3, 6 & 11.

On the show today I talked about ways to pamper yourself but still be “green”. With Earth day coming up this Sunday I wanted to be able to introduce the viewers to some awesome “green” products to “celebrate”.
The first product I talk about is something every woman would love to own, a Susan Nichole Handbag. I mainly was going to talk about the “Willow” handbag but I decided I wanted to show my “Sierra” bag too to show the different styles they sell. I loved letting the host know about the Willow and that the inside was made of recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? And the host loved the Sierra and the fact that it looked like a leather purse but is in reality a vegan handbag. Both earth-friendly and animal-friendly, that is why I LOVE this company.
The second product I talked about is a nail polish called, Piggy Paint. I know I love to have my nails done up but HATE the smell and the knowledge of what it does to the environment. Never mind what it does to my kids. With Piggy Paint you don’t have to worry about all that. There is no strong odor and the paint is non-toxic. My oldest and I love having nail painting parties together.
The last product I got to introduce to the views was Cangles. What woman doesn’t love jewelry?(I know some don’t but humor me, k?) I love bracelets and when I found Cangles I was so excited by their concept and style. Made out of recycled tin cans, Cangles makes bracelets, earrings and necklaces. What I love too is they also pack/ship their products in a green way. The box is recyclable, the padding on the inside is made up of shredded used paper. It’s all just so cool.
I felt my segment went really well. I was kind of out of it because of the extreme exhaustion I’ve been suffering with but the adrenalin rush it felt great.
I was excited to see another guest on the show that’s been on a few times when I’ve been on, Chef D of www.chefdtv.com. He always makes great food and the studio smells amazing when he’s there. I even got to try some of his food today. I think I need to find a cookbook with his recipes in it, sooooo good.

Thank you Rogers Cable 20 and Susan Cook-Scheerer. Also a HUGE thank you to Cangles, Piggy Paint and Susan Nichole.

I also have done reviews of these companies on my blog below are the links to the reviews-
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My segment below

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I was not paid to review these items or to come on this TV show. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. (Just wanted to add I have never been paid for a review or for doing ‘daytime’ Rogers TV)