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“On April 20th, just in time for Earth Day, Disneynature is taking moviegoers deep into the forests of Africa with the release of CHIMPANZEE, a new true-life adventure that introduces us to the adorable young chimp named Oscar and his chimpanzee family. Featuring Disneynature’s signature breathtaking, never-before-seen footage, CHIMPANZEE showcases the intelligence and ingenuity of some of the most extraordinary personalities in the animal kingdom.
In celebration of the film’s release, Disneynature has joined forces with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada for a “See CHIMPANZEE, Save Chimpanzees” program where for every moviegoer who sees the film on opening week, a donation will be made to JGI Canada to help protect chimpanzees and their habitats, now and into the future.”

My Thoughts-
I was given the opportunity to attend a pre-screening of Disneynature’s new movie, “Chimpanzee”. The movie opens up with an overhead view of the jungle. It was so beautiful I was taken in right away. We are then introduced to a young chimp named “Oscar”. We get to learn about the bond he has with his mother and she how caring and protective she is to her baby. We also learn all about the survival of a chimp community and how it is run. The is an elder who is the leader of the group, he is in charge of bringing is community to food and lead his group to protecting their land. I also learned that when monkeys are grooming each other it’s just not to get the bugs and eat them but it also is a bonding moment and a trust exercise. This way they all learn to work together when they need to fight for food or defend their territory.
In the middle of the movie, Oscar’s community is attacked by another community. He loses his mother and has to try and learn things for himself. Things are looking bad for Oscar. None of the other moms would take him in and he was having a hard time getting food. But then the most unusual thing happened and someone in the community takes him it. No one thought it would happen and it did.
This movie made me cry. It also made me laugh. There were a lot of kids there and all of them were so silent, taken in. I would recommend you taking to your child about death and the circle of life. The chimpanzees do eat smaller monkeys and you don’t see a lot of blood but I know my 6 year old would have had a lot of questions about it.
I think this is an excellent movie. Tim Allen was perfect as the narrator too. I would even encourage you to stay and watch the credits. The film crew gives you a behind the scenes footage on how they get the amazing shots they got.

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