Ideal Meal Cards from Produce for Kids- review

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My Thoughts-
I received a pack of Ideal Meal Cards from the people at Produce for Kids. I sat down this my kids and asked which ones they’d like to try first. Lee fell in love with most of them, “they all look yummy mommy.”
So I decided to make a dinner meal and a snack. The meal I made was called Garden Vegetable Pasta. The directions were simple and the ingredients were ones we usually have around the house anyway, which made it easy to put together(in fact the ingredients for the snack are normal around here too, so both meals were easy to make). The recipe called for the mushrooms and onion to be baked for 15 minutes while I cooked the pasta. After all that was done I then used a frying pan and fried everything together adding olives and spinach. My family LOVED this, Lee even asked if she could have the leftovers for her school lunch the next day. The only thing I didn’t like about this was all the dishes it required, as a mom I love to make meals that only use 1-2 dishes just for cleaning up purposes. With that being said the dishes isn’t going to prevent me from making it again, it tasted way too good, I might make up a bigger batch just so we can save some for another day.
For the snack I made Splash of Fun Fruit Juice. It had strawberries, watermelon, frozen grapes and a bit of honey. You put them all in the blender and blend. The recipe didn’t call for any water but I added it anyway because the blender didn’t want to mix it, too thick. Again my family loved this. Lee tried convincing me to send it to school with her too, but that’s not possible. This will be one we’ll make a lot this summer. I think it would even be yummy to blend it and then make them into frozen pops for the summer.
I am impressed with these meals. They are easy to make, healthy and very tasty. I can’t wait to try making “Creamy Chocolate Dippers” and “Super Duper Oatmeal Pancakes”.
You can find more meal ideas by visiting Produce for Kids.

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