“Jake and the Never Land Pirates- Peter Pan Returns”- DVD review

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MY Thoughts-
My girls(and I) LOVE “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” we watch it on Disney Junior everyday. Moo runs around the house saying, “rrrrr, I’m a pirate”. She also wears a necklace and sprinkles pixie dust on all of us so we can fly. Lee even dressed up like Izzy for Halloween last year. So when we hear about the new DVD, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates- Peter Pan Returns”, we couldn’t wait to watch it.
Peter Pan comes back to Never Land to asked for help from Jake, Izzy and Cubby. He has lost his shadow and is losing his ability to fly. The gang follows Captain Hook and works together to get Peter’s shadow back. There is a lot of catchy music in this feature and I personally love seeing Peter Pan back in Never Land. I got to talk to my girls about who he was and that he came to Never land because of Tinkerbell. Lee was really excited to see all the connections between her favorite shows/movies.
There are also 5 other Jake episodes on the DVD. I love that it’s long enough that I can turn it on and not have to change the movie right away. We watched it for the first time while traveling.
I asked Lee what she liked about the DVD. Her first answer was, “All of it”. But she then added, “I love seeing Peter Pan and that those two silly guys sing songs in between the shows”.(Silly guys are the real guys of “Bones” and “Sharky”)
I’m impressed with this movie and the cost for length is amazing. On top of that you get a digital copy to put on your computer or portable device. My girls ask for this DVD everyday(of course we encourage them to do other things then just watch TV). I think it’s perfect for a rainy day or on a day one of the girls aren’t feeling too well. It’s a marathon of Jake and the Never Land Pirates and they LOVE it.
The DVD also came with a blow up sword(both girls want it, but even in the show there is only one and we remind them of that). My girls wanted me to take a photo of each of them holding the dvd and sword.

FIND it-
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“Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns!” – 2-Disc DVD Bilingue (DVD+Digital Copy)
Contains 1 hour video of “Peter Pan Returns” and 5 more episodes for a total of 169 minutes.
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