JiggiJump- review

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When I volunteered to be a parent on my daughter’s field trip today I didn’t know I’d be wanting to write a review about it. Lee had been talking about this music from a group called “JiggiJump” for weeks now and how she couldn’t wait to see them in concert. I thought it sounded fun plus I couldn’t wait to see Lee get excited at a concert.
The theme for the concert was a beach party. The JiggiJump team, made up of two girls and two boys, came out and got the kids on their feet right away. (Side note, The two main people looked very familiar, that was because they are Judy & David from the show, Boom Box, I’ve seen them on TV a lot lately) Before I knew it, I realized that we were stretching then doing a cardio workout. For an hour we were jumping, stretching, singing and dancing. While on this beach adventure we also learned about the important items you need to have before going out in the sun.
I love this program. This is what I’ve been talking about a lot lately with parents lately, needing our kids to be more into physical activity. I love this so much I was longing to be a part of this group, it would be an amazing dream come true. Singing, dancing and teaching kids to keep on moving.
After the show I asked the kids if they liked the show. “YES!! We loved it and want to see more!!”
“So you had fun?”
“Did you know that you just did a workout?”
“NO!! Working out is boring!”
“Oh really? So you didn’t like the show today?”
“We loved it!”
“So working out can be fun, right?”
Big smiles from all the kids. And let me tell you I was sweating and wiped after this workout. It felt great and time flew by. At the show they announced that the show will be coming to TV soon. I plan on recording the show and watching it with Lee everyday it’s on. She can’t wait.

You can watch this video to learn more about the programs they offer-

JiggiJump is here. It is a voice and a movement which is long overdue. JiggiJump’s music and movement will be the Pied Piper of young children across North America who choose to sing, dance, and jump their way into an active, healthy life. Why will they choose this? Not because it’s good for them. Not because someone told them to. Kids from Florida to the Yukon will be joining the JiggiJump Revolution because, simply put, it’s fun.”