“Noni Says No‏” book review

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My Thoughts-
I love getting children books for review. Our family loves to read together and I couldn’t wait till Lee came home from school the day “Noni Says No‏” by Heather Hartt-Sussman arrived in the mail. The second she say the book she started jumping up and down saying, “Noni Says No!!!! I love that book, we have it at school.” So we read it right away together.
Noni doesn’t know how to say “no”. Her best friend asks a lot of her and even though Noni doesn’t like most of what she asks she still says “ok”. But finally one day she had enough and was able to say “no”. She was waiting for her friend to be mad but the reaction was totally different then she thought.
This book teaches that it’s ok to say “no” sometimes. If your friend is really your friend they will understand. Plus as friends you need to learn to compromise with each other so both people will be happy.
This book was totally cute and very silly. It has a great lesson for kids. I would love to see this book in every school and read to each class. It would really be helpful in learning how to talk to each other and teach about speaking up for yourself. I love this book, my kids love this book and I think you will too.

Find it-

Noni Says No‏” by Heather Hartt-Sussman
“Noni can do all sorts of things: tie her own shoelaces, recite the alphabet backwards, even walk to her friend Susie’s house all by herself. But what Noni can’t do is say no. When she finally finds her voice, the consequences are not what she – or the reader – expects.”
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