Sponsors needed for bassgiraffe’s 5K Run Bash- May 26th

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(If you’d like to attend, please visit here and message me- http://www.facebook.com/events/289942191086975/ It’s in Waterloo, ON, Canada)

I am looking for sponsors for my 5K run celebration bash! I’ve been on a long weight loss and fitness journey and have been blogging all about it. Last Summer my goal was to run a 5K by the time school started up again. I only made it to 3K. It was a disappointment but I told myself that one day I would make this goal. I found an app called couch to 5K and it’s helped me get closer and closer to this goal. I wanted to show people that with some hard work and dedication you can reach your fitness/health goals. The celebration bash will take place May 26th. It will start at noon and last til 3. Part of the celebration will be me crossing the finish line(at my house). I will then be talking about my weight loss journey, my “no excuses” philosophy and the importance for raising your kids to be healthy by teaching them about exercise and healthy eating..
My vision for this, is to hopefully have 20-35 people attending. When I cross the finish line I want to break through a life-sized poster of my “before” photo and then give my talk. I hope to also have a BBQ with healthy foods, including veggies & fruits as a snack.
My goal is to not only celebrate my accomplishment but to also encourage and spur on others to become healthy. Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on my children. I grew up in a home that wasn’t focused on healthy eating or exercise, as a result when I became an adult I didn’t know what to do and my bad habits caused me to become morbidly obese. I believe that if we can start our kids young they won’t have to grow up suffering from obesity and the health issues that come with that.
If you can help with anything listed below or know of a company that can please email me at bassgiraffe@hotmail.com with the subject line “Sponsor for bassgiraffe’s 5K Run Bash”. Thank you.

You can also read below this list what bassgiraffe’s Thoughts can do for you in return.

Sponsors to needed for the following-
-A printing company that would be able to print a life-size poster of my “before” photo that I can run through when I cross the finish line.
-A company that would like to sponsor hotdogs & buns for the after party.

sway bag ideas-
-Water bottles for the guests at the celebration run to drink water out of.
-Vitamins (kids or adults) or supplements
-Health bars/snacks
-Coupons or gift-cards towards health products
-anything health or fitness related that would work well in a swag bag for the guests.

The run will be taking place May 26th in Waterloo, ON. I will be blogging about the event(your company will be mentioned in that post).
-If you do sponsor an item I will give you 1 month free advertisement on my blog.
-Each sponsor will also get a blog post dedicated to talking about their company.
I would like to have everything set by no later than May 18th. Thank you again.

***Giving back*** There will be a bucket on the food table for donations to go to Lee’s school to raise money for their breakfast club, healthy snacks during the day and for fitness/sports equipment.

**The original date for the run was for May 19th but because that is the long weekend here in Canada I have changed it to the next weekend, May 26th, so more people can attend.