The importance of wearing the proper shoes

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When it comes to working out and fitness, and for everyday life for that matter, it’s important to be wearing the proper shoes. I learned this the hard way this weekend. Story to come soon.

When I workout at home; weight lifting, bike, elliptical and workout dvd’s I use a cute pair of Nike Alvord 9 shoes. I bought these last year for my indoor use(they are meant for running on rugged trails, but I loved them for inside too). I love the support I get from them and how breathable they are. This shoe is a perfect fit for my “hard core” dvd workouts and comfortable for my cardio. I don’t wear these shoes outdoors as I want to keep them from getting dirty and having dust on them to slip on, on my workout mat.

When I’m out running I use a pair of Skechers Shape-ups XF-Accellerators shoes. These fit great, my feet never hurt wearing them and they help me run with better form. I also love the cushion feeling they give my feet. I’ve worn these so much I am now looking for new shoes, hoping to get a pair of SKECHERS Fitness Pro Resistance S R R to continue on my 5K run journey and soon my 10K run journey.

It’s very important for you to be wearing the proper shoes at all times and not every shoe will work for every activity you do.

Now on to why I started to write this. On Sunday we went out to take a look at a “new” couch set to see if we’d like it to replace our old one. I wore my flip-flops not thinking I’d be carrying a couch, loveseat and coffee table.

We did end up getting the couches and I did end up carrying everything with flip-flops on. In the past I was too weak to be able to lift those kinds of things but now I’m a lot stronger and they were easy to carry. The only problem is this is how I’ve been sitting all afternoon.

heat and ice-

My knee was hurting a bit this morning but not too bad. I took some Advil, rested and then went for my run. It didn’t hurt at all during my run so I thought it was better. Once I got home and tried to take the stairs I had a ton of pain. So I’ve been heating and icing it all afternoon. It’s feeling a lot better and I will take a rest day tomorrow to let it heal, but I learned my lesson, the right type of foot wear is very important at all times.