“The Lion Cubs” book review

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My Thoughts-
I just finished reading “The Lion Cubs” by Chrissy M. Dennis. The book is about two people. Liz, who is in her 30’s, a doctor and lost her husband to cancer 2 years ago. She works double shifts at the hospital to shut herself off to her feelings. She doesn’t realize this until she meets a homeless girl named, Lexi. Lexi is a teenage girl who lost her parents two years ago and has been tossed from one bad foster home to another. She decided to run away from the group home she was at to live in the tunnels with the tunnel kids. Through “random” series of fate the two girls keep running into each other. Liz is drawn to this girl like no other kid she’s ever seen. Lexi, although she doesn’t totally trust Liz, she does trust her more then any other adult. Liz prays daily for this girl. And Lexi believes there can’t be a God because if there was one He must hate her.
This book keeps you going. You keep hoping Lexi will be safe on the streets and your heart breaks for her when she remembers stories of her past. You also hope that Liz will finally be able to finally grieve the loss of her husband.
I totally enjoyed this book. There is a lot of talk about God and who he is and his role in our life. I also fell in love with the characters in this book and want to read more about them. The book is written with the point of view of both Lexi and Liz. When the point of view changes the title of the chapter changes making it easy to keep up with who is talking. I would recommend this book to women ages 16-100+. I loved this book and I hope you will too.

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The Lion Cubs by Chrissy M. Dennis
“In The Lion Cubs, two very different lives are brought together when Liz Swavier, a 36-year-old doctor is introduced to 15-year-old runaway Lexi Vogan. A divine intervention, this encounter starts the beginning of a journey that brings a restoration in both their lives that only an all-knowing, loving God could accomplish.”
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