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JEN’S Thoughts-
THEMINEFIELDS by Steven C. Eisner
From an early age, Sam Spiegel single-mindedly pursued an entrepreneurial path that prepared him to transform his father’s small-time ad agency into a regional powerhouse with national ambitions. A couple decades later, Sam had achieved almost everything he ever dreamed possible, and then it all changed. Unsatisfied with his marriage and embroiled in a mind-boggling professional crisis, everything Sam has achieved is put at risk. Sam must find his way through the minefields around him-and survive.

I’d like to start off by saying I wouldn’t normally read a book like this one so I tried to have an open mind. I found The Minefields is an easy read. It started off great and then got slower throughout until the last 10-15 chapters. I found the author didn’t add much detail to his characters but their personalities came out through the writing. Without realizing it, I became attached to Sam and cheered him on throughout the story. Although the writing was done well, the story line was a little slow.

I’ve been thinking on whom I would recommend this story too and I picture a business man traveling with this book in hand. This book has just enough drama to keep someone interested, but I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who loves thrillers, romance novels, or a fast-paced, intriguing story line.

He said with great empathy, “I’d give him one right now. There may be a few radical procedures left to preserve his life for another week or two. If you’re asking me, I’d apply a heavier dose an hour after the first.”

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