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I have had the privileged of meeting Deborah Lowther the maker of both IronKids Gummy Vitamins and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins twice now. The first time I met her was in February of 2011 and the second time was in September 2011. (Funny side story, I had lost so much weight between the two dates that she didn’t recognize me the second time until I told her I was from bassgiraffe’s Thoughts.)
The first time I met Deborah I was introduced to IronKids gummies. When I gave them to my kids they fell in love with them. They make sure I never forget to give them their vitamins in the morning. I love knowing that they are good for my kids and they were created by a mom who knows how important it is for us as parents to do the best for our kids. We love IronKids Gummy vitamins so much that we haven’t used anything else since Feb 2011.
The second time I met Deborah I was introduced to Adult Essential Vitamins. I was excited to hear that they came out with these tasty vitamins for us “big kids”. I tried my kid’s vitamins and loved the taste and said, “I wish they’d make yummy vitamins for us too.” My dream came true. The adults in our home use the vitamin D, B12 and multivitamin daily. They make taking vitamins fun.

I love both products so much that I’ve even brought them on Rogers TV with me a few months ago. The host fell in love with their Vitamin D’s too. They’re that good.

I was very excited and thankful when Deborah so kindly donated sample packs of both IronKids and Adult Essentials vitamin for my 5K event swag bags. I want to introduce as many people as possible to my favorite health items and these are one of the main ones.

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