Baby’s Best designs- Teething Bling giveaway

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Our family are HUGE fans of Teething Bling, one of my first reviews was about Teething Bling(written 2 years ago)
Here are two photos of Lee and myself wearing it back then.

Even though we don’t have any teething babies around the house I still wear mine, they are too cute to let sit in a drawer.
I love that there is a Canadian Distributor, Baby’s Best designs, that sells Teething Bling. It’s nice to support a Canadian store and it saves on shipping time/cost.
Below are just a few of the reasons why I love Teething Bling-
-I love the soft cord of the necklace. It is gentle on your neck and on baby’s little hands
-The break away clasp is so nice. When baby pulls on your necklace it doesn’t just break the necklace, instead the break away clasp comes apart.
-Teething Bling has many many many colors to choose from. There is something for every outfit you own.
-The donuts is made of a soft rubber like material that doesn’t hard your baby’s gums/teeth. They are also “Non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free”.
-AND they are easy to take care of and clean

Baby’s Best designs also sells our favorite baby leg warmers, Baby Legs. This has me excited as Moo is obsessed with her leggings right now and we need more.
You can also find Baby’s Best designs on facebook, learn about their upcoming sales, new products and more.

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