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As a lot of you know 9 weeks ago I started a couch to 5k program. When I started I HATED running. I was NOT a runner and I told myself once I finish this goal I will not have to run anymore. However, these 9 weeks have taught me that I actually love to run and after this 5K run, on May 26th, I am going to train to be able to run a 10K by the Fall and hope to run a half marathon by January 2013(I would LOVE to save up enough to be part of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, but will have to save up a lot of money to be able to go. At least I have a goal, if I can’t make it to that event I’ll do one closer to me this year and save up to the Disney one for another year)

Speaking of the half marathon mentioned above, I found out about it in the most recent issue of Canadian Running Magazine. Since falling in love with running I’ve been wanting to learn more on how to improve my running and find more products that would help me with my journey. When I was at the bookstore this week I immediately found this magazine. The first thing I noticed was it’s for Canadians. I knew I would find perfect events to attend in Canada, perfect stores that are in Canada or ship to Canada and I would read stories of Canadian runners to be inspired by,

I sat down and read Canadian Running Magazine in one sitting, and I think I dog-eared almost all the pages so I could go back and read them again. I found many inspiring stories that will help me this summer to reach my 10K goal. They had a section for “Beginner-friendly Races”, that I used to look up a few I might try this Fall. There were a ton of products I found that I want to look into more. There are helpful fitness tips to stay away from injuries, plus some yummy sounding recipes to try out too. There were a lot of inspirational quotes in there too. Here are two of my favorites “It takes a bit of work raising healthy children, but it’s a lot more work raising sick kids.” (Gaye Chicoine, page 58) “Running gives me the chance to clear my head, exhale and relax.” (Deirdre Large, page 22).

I loved what I found in the Canadian Running Magazine that I’m going to be getting a two year subscription very soon. It’s an excellent magazine at an amazing price.

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Canadian Running Magazine
disclaimer- I purchased this magazine on my own and was not asked to write a review. I loved the magazine so much I just felt I needed to share it with my readers. All opinions are mine and my differ from yours. The quotes are from Canadian Running Magazine and page references have been given, I do not claim rights to the magazine photo or quotes.