My Thoughts on Almond Fresh

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My Thoughts-
I have been a huge fan of drinking Almond Milk for over a year now. I use it in my meal replacement drink, smoothies, cereal and oatmeal. I love the taste and the health benefits. Earth’s Own Almond Milk is my favorite, usually unsweetened but I also like the original flavor.

Below is a new delicious drink I came up with. It’s tasty, and healthy for you. I think it’s going to be a nice cold drink for this Summer.

1/2 apple peeled
1/2 banana
1/2 kiwi
1 cup spinach
1 cup almond milk

Blend all ingredients together with 3 ice-cubes. I add 2 Tbsp or natural peanut butter to make the whole thing 367 calories.

“Made with real almonds, Almond Fresh delivers a subtle nutty taste which is delicious in coffee, smoothies and cereal, or all on its own. Try Almond Fresh in Original, Vanilla & Unsweetened and Chocolate (NEW). Available throughout Canada and the US.”

Find it-
Earth’s Own Almond Fresh is part of the sponsors/donations to bassgiraffe’s Thoughts 5K run bash. I only picked products/companies I enjoy to include for the swag bags at this event. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions are mine and may differ from yours.