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I “met” Crystal of Operation Fit a few months ago on facebook. I believe she saw me posting on the Shakeology facebook page and contacted me to see if I’d be interested in a 10 day Shakeology challenge. I looked it over and was very excited to join in. At the end of the 10 days I had lost a little over 4lbs. I had been stuck at the same weight for so long, it was nice to get that boost I needed to lose more. I also participated the next month and lost 3lbs. Crystal and all the challengers are very supportive of each other and make it fun to be part of it all.
Crystal at Operation Fit is also a BeachBody coach. I’ve used BeachBody products often and was always bombarded with coaches asking me to join their team. Crystal, mentioned she was a coach and left it at that, no pressuring, no making you feel bad. After the first 10 day challenge I decided to have her as my coach. I loved that she wasn’t in my face. But what I loved more is how encouraging she is. If you check out Operation Fit’s facebook page you will find a lot of motivational and inspiring photos/saying that will help you on your journey.
I really can’t say enough on how much crystal/Operation Fit has helped me these past 3.5 months. And to top it all off Crystal was so kind to donate to my 5K run swag bags. She’s been there since the beginning of my running challenge and has encouraged me all the way. I just wish she could be here for the big day but I know she’s cheering me on.
One last thing that makes Crystal an excellent coach to be with is she’s on her own healthy journey and has used many of the BeachBody products and can advise you with the knowledge she has gotten from these products.

If you’re serious about wanting to get healthy and are needing some online support I would totally recommend signing up with Operation Fit.
You can find them also on Twitter and Facebook.
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