“The Good Father” book review

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“Fast, fast, fast, before I could change my mind. I turned the key in the ignition. I couldn’t leave the van here where Erin and Bella would be able to see it when they came out of JumpStart. I drove all the way to the other end of the lot, nearly crashing into parked cars, my foot jerking all over the gas pedal, the whole wide world a blur in front of me and one word on my mind:

Bella Bella Bella. “
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My Thoughts-
“The Good Father” by Diane Chamberlain
“The Good Father” is written in the view of three different people. You have the father, Travis, who loses his home and mother to a fire and is left on his own to raise his 4 year old daughter. He is a construction guy and is having a hard time finding a job. He and his daughter end up homeless and he decides to take a job that seems very shady, but he’s disparate.
The next character we hear from is, Erin. A women who recently lost her child to a tragic accident and is having a very hard time getting over it and moves out of her house, away from the memories and from her husband. She spends her days at a coffee shop talking online with a group of parents who have also lost their children. She needs to try to face her fears and doesn’t know how until she meets Travis and his daughter. Her life is turned upside down.
The last character is Robin. She is set to marry the next mayor of the city she lives in. She doesn’t know it but he is using her to get votes and trying to change her into the “proper” person that would fit into his family. Erin had a bad heart when she was a teenager and her father tried protecting her from the world. In High School Erin meets a boy named Travis. They fell in love but were forbidden to see each other. One day they sneak out together and make love to each other. This causes too much stress on her heart and she almost dies. Her father then totally pushes Travis out of her life. A few months later she finds out she is pregnant and almost dies again. She decides to give the baby up for adoption but Travis fights for custody.
The book keeps you wanting to keep on turning pages and find out is Travis and Robin will get back together, will their paths cross again? Will Erin be able to face her fears, be able to go home and face her daughter’s room? You just want everyone to be happy, including the most important person in this book, Travis’ daughter, Bella.
I had a hard time at first keeping the characters straight. Each chapter switches points of view and if you’re not paying enough attention it’s easy to get people mixed up.
I love this book and I’m hoping to read more books by Diane Chamberlain. I think I’ll like more of her books after reading this one.

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