You are invited to the 3000 crunches challenge

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I know a lot of you read the title and were like, “WHAT!?! 3000 crunches? Is she crazy?” Yes, I may be but I thought this idea was fun and wanted to challenge my readers. Last month when I was part of the 10 day Shakeology challenge there were a few people part of a 3000 sit-up challenge, where every day for 30 days they would do 100 sit-ups. I’m changing this to crunches and will explain more below. My question for you is WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN IN? I hope so, my goal is to get 20+ of you to join. Prizes to be won!!

For the month of June I want to challenge you(I will be doing this too) to do 100 crunches a day. They do not have to be done all at once. You could do 10 crunches 10x’s a day or do half and half. Whatever would work for you. Just think how cool would it be to say at the end of June that you did 3000 crunches?

I will make a nightly post on my facebook page asking you if you’ve done yours and also letting you know if I completed my crunches. YOU NEED to be sure to let me know daily that you have completed them. There will be a daily post on my fb page where you can check in.
Some rules. I don’t just want the lay on your back and curl up kind of crunches. They don’t do much for you and can actually make your tummy stick out more. Below are a few ideas. You really want to focus on Obliques and lower abs. You can do a google search and find many you can do. I love doing 10 different crunches and doing 10 reps of each.
You will need to check in to my facebook page daily(please be honest, you’re only hurting yourself by cheating).

What you get!
You’ll first be doing something for yourself by taking part of this challenge. But what fun would this be if I didn’t offer a prize?
For everyday you check in you will get one entry into a drawing to win a $25 gift-code to amazon that you can use to buy your own fitness equipment(or whatever else you’d like). So you have the potential of getting 30 entries (plus having the bragging rights of saying you did 3000 crunches).
For everyone who completes all 30 days you will be entered into another prize drawing to win a $50 gift-code to amazon that you can use to buy your own fitness equipment(or whatever else you’d like).
(winners will be drawn via on July 7th. I will need your emails and facebook name so I can keep track of who is entering. Please leave it in the comment section of this blog post or email me through the contact page). This is also only open to US & Canada, sorry.

-side crunches
-I found some great oblique exercises here.
-plank on your elbows for 30 sec(I’d let you count this as 10 crunches)
-reverse crunches
-This one is from revAbs. I hated it but it works-
The prizes are sponsored by me.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
please, before starting any new workout talk with your doctor. bassgiraffe’s Thoughts(Erica K) will not be held responsible for any injuries while participating.