Abby Apple and Her Fruit Friends (Snapatoonies) DVD- review

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Jen W’s Thoughts-
Abby Apple and Her Fruit Friends (Snapatoonies) DVD
(Due to time constraints and illness I asked my friend Jen to review this DVD with her daughter who is almost 4 years old. Each Episode are 30 minutes long. They are also made in both Canadian and USA version to fit the spelling of each country.)
“This show is targeted at young children. and helps them learn their colours, and shapes.and teaches them about various health topics I watched episode 3 ;Season 1. It did a good job at reaching the demographic- my daughter loved it! I found it very informative and it keeps a child’s attention. After the lesson, they provide positive reinforcement and encouragement by saying phrases like “you are clever!” and “you got it right!” . which I liked. The series has an animated component and parts with real children. It was interactive in that it asked kids questions like to repeat back words and if they liked certain things. I think this was an effective and worthwhile program. I would like to see some of the other episodes.”


Taken from“Snapatoonies, the latest educational DVD series by dynamic mum duo, Le Brighton and Jordi Brighton, has your baby and toddler learning everything and anything from bird species, eating fruit, counting from zero to ten and, of course, a good smattering of the fundamentals – alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.
Each episode features the ever clever kids on the Snapatoonies train, as they discover new things with special guest hosts like Ernie Easel, Abbey Apple, Turtle and (my favorite) the Magical Color Caller!
Snapatoonies does everything you wish a good toddler tv show would. Talks to your kids like real people, has high expectations on their abilities, constantly encourages them to interact and praises them over and over again.
Get the smart baby in your life forming those brain connections early and stimulate their love of learning forever with Snapatoonies. “

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