Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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“Hazy Shade of Winter” & “Sun is Burning” book reviews & giveaway

Jen N’s Thoughts-
“Hazy Shade of Winter” & “Sun is Burning” by Jessica Bradshaw
I am reviewing two novels by Jessica Bradshaw, in a series of three. I read both these novels in two days, one book per day. I couldn’t put them down and I cannot wait until the third of the series is released. The character Sam, the Sentinal, is dramatic, motivated and assertive. I truly felt for these characters. The only complaint I have about these novels, the first novel to be more exact, is there was a lack of description or understanding of the different Realms. I found I was a little lost about what the spiritual beings could be, or what it meant. I must say other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed both these novels and recommend them to anyone who enjoys a Spiritual love story, Teens and women of all ages.

“Jude, an eccentric teen, has been burdened by her own mysterious ability to hear ghosts since early childhood. Ridiculed and tortured by her peers, Jude decides to embark on a journey far away from home by means of a study-abroad program in England, unaware she is being hunted by demons and protected by a guardian angel, a Sentinel named Sam. Meanwhile Sam faces his own struggles: he would rather continue his 800-year search for his Soulmate, and has no idea that the woman he seeks is actually his very own, very vulnerable assignment. Upon Jude and Sam’s discovery of their status, and with mankind’s survival hanging on Jude’s significant fate, the archangels must work swiftly to separate the star-crossed lovers and prevent an unholy collision with Destiny. Jude is left to answer two impossible questions:

What do you do when the only person you could ever love is forbidden by Heaven and Earth to be with you?

What would you give to be with them?”

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  1. I learned she was born and raised in Orange County, California.

  2. Her current focus is “crossover” paranormal romance

  3. I learned that she attended Brigham Young University.

  4. I learned she went to BYU

  5. Faye Hollidaye says:

    I learned that one can find her books via createspace.com, amazon.com, and smashwords.

  6. Ellen Levickis says:

    Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University as a theater education major, followed by a career first in teaching, then as a wife and mother.

  7. I had learned she was born and raised in Orange County,CA

  8. Erin COok says:

    I Learned that she spend most of her childhood in the library


    She went to BYU