June 2012- Rogers TV apperance “daytime”

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Today I got to be on Rogers Cable 20 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area, on the show ‘daytime’, this was my 14th appearance on the show. The show airs LIVE at noon and then re-air at 3, 6 & 11. My show will also re-air through out the summer. Pretty awesome, in my opinion.

My theme for today was “keeping active during the summer months”. The first product I talked about and the first I thought of for this show was the Stop It! driveway net. Our family spends a lot of time outdoors during the summer and one of my kids’ favorite activity is to play with sidewalk chalk. The problem with our driveway is it’s sloped and the chalk tends to roll down the street and they chase right after it. With the Stop It! driveway net, I worry less about them running out into traffic, which means more hours of fun outside as a family.
The next product I got to talk about, is one I’ve share a lot here. I talked about the Couch to 5K program from active.com. I love the easy use of the app on my iPod and the fact I can take it anywhere with me. I also showed/talked about an armband to hold your mp3 player, a good set of headphones and the importance on staying hydrated while running. I showed the handheld water bottle I purchased at the Running Room. I love it and will be posting a review on my blog soon about it.
The last product I talked about it the Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop from Empower. It’s a 3lb hoop that can come apart easily and is perfect for traveling with. I would even think it would be fun to use it at a rest-stop with the whole family.

The show was filmed differently, as it was filmed outdoors. it was a bit hot but not as hot as it has been. I also always enjoy meeting the other guests on the show. I had the privilege of meeting Kelly Lovell of The Kelly Effect and one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20. This girl is only 19 and is a total inspiration not only to me but everyone she touches. I’m so very glad to have met her.

Thank you Rogers Cable 20 and Susan Cook-Scheerer. Also a HUGE thank you to Empower Fitness, Stop It! and Active.com.

I also have done reviews of these companies on my blog below are the links to the reviews-
Stop it!
Couch to 5K
Empower Fitness

My segment below

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I was not paid to review these items or to come on this TV show. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. (Just wanted to add I have never been paid for a review or for doing ‘daytime’ Rogers TV)