“MY FOUNDATION” CD- review & giveaway (downloadable version)

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Aaron B’s Thoughts-
I work each summer as a worship leader at a camp out in Saskatchewan, so as the summer approaches, I spend a lot of time looking for and listening to new worship music.
I like to know what’s out there, what people are singing and what they haven’t discovered yet.

My Foundation is a live worship album recorded at the Cultivation Generation conference, which is itself a part of Vineyard Worship.

Vineyard Worship (formerly Vineyard Music) was one of the first to embrace “contemporary worship” in the 70’s and 80’s. But as artists like Hillsong United and Chris Tomlin came along, in my mind, Vineyard seemed to be left behind in an older way of playing worship music.

That said, I was very pleasantly surprised by My Foundation.

The first thing that stood out to me was some of the interesting instrumentation and varied styles of music used in the album. The first track, “My Soul Longs”, features a banjo, “Let It Shine”, is a country ballad backed with a slide guitar, “God Don’t Never Change” is a funky, bass-driven number with retro sounding electric organ, “Your Kingdom” has lots of electric guitar and synth, reminiscent of Hillsong United, and “Walls Come Down” has some great 80’s rock anthem influenced guitar riffs and solos.

The album features songs, from upbeat to more contemplative, led by a number of Vineyard’s up and coming worship leaders. There are some great voices and passionate worship leaders here and each brings a unique sound and style. Despite the wide variety, the album works well as a cohesive worship experience.
I wasn’t familiar with any of the artists on this album, but am interested in getting to know their music better, particularly The Neverclaim, whose sound I loved, and whose lead singer, Jeremiah Carlson has an powerful and unique voice.

I’m not always a fan of live albums, but generally the live quality of the recording here does nothing to take away from the music, and in fact the live energy enhances the whole experience of listening to the album and worshiping along.

My Foundation isn’t anything revolutionary, but overall is a solid album, and a very enjoyable worship experience. Many of the songs are great to listen to and enjoy, but might not be easy for a non-singing congregation to learn, however, there are several, such as “Song of Hope”, and “Let It Shine” that I can easily imagine leading at church or camp.

Cultivation Generation’s website says:
“MY FOUNDATION was recorded LIVE at the Cultivation Generation conference. The mission of this conference is to connect students with a powerful worship experience that is rooted in bringing people together for the purpose of sending them out.”

In addition, Cultivation Generation is passionate about mentoring and building up young musicians and worship leaders.

As someone passionate about both youth ministry and worship music, I appreciate the mission to not only commune together with musical worship, but to disciple and send out. That is what we, as a church and as worship leaders, should all be striving to do.

My Foundation is an album I will enjoy adding to my worship playlist. If you get a chance to pick up the album, which is available June 19th, I highly recommend you do so.

FIND it-
Website: www.vineyardworship.com

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