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On Friday, June 15th, I had a chance to be part of a 1 mile run to help another family in our community. The run was called “#RunForLydia”.

It took me sometime to figure out how I wanted to write this post and share it with you, my readers. The story is heart breaking, and very personal to those who were impacted deeply by the events that happened May 17th.

Before I go any further with my story about #RunForLydia. I want to share what happened. And through her story I hope for two things to happen. One, I hope that you will see the love of God through the Herrle family and how their faith has kept them strong even through a time most of us would agree would have us defeated/broken/down. And two, I hope to make awareness to driving safely.

On May 17th, Lydia Herrle (age 13) stepped off the school bus at her family home. She was struck by a garbage truck and has been left in a coma at Sick Kids in Toronto. I do not know all the events about why the driver hit her, but I do know he failed to stop for a school bus (one of those bright yellow ones we see carrying around our precious children and with the flashing red lights and stop sign out), he obviously wasn’t paying attention and I’ve heard he was traveling too fast. You would also think he hit her while crossing the street, this wasn’t the case, he first hit the bus on the right hand side and proceeded to come around the bus and hit little Lydia.
I ask that you PLEASE slow down on the roads, pay attention while driving (no cell phones, food, doing your make-up, or whatever else gets you distracted for a few seconds) and that you obey the school bus signs, the stop sign is out for a reason, so please STOP. You take not only responsibility for your life every time you step behind a wheel but also the lives of all around you.

Lydia’s parents have been keeping our community updated with a blog and through twitter (#prayforlydia). They have had many ups & downs. But through it all they have shared God’s love and the testimony of what He is doing in their lives and the life of Lydia. Yesterday was Father’s Day and Lydia’s father, James, shared this-
“We are certain of God’s love and provision for us; that He is with us in our deepest, darkest places. Sometimes those are scary places to be. We have had to trust God more deeply than ever before. Trust can be hard, but we do trust Him. We trust the Great Physician.”
Lydia has had some improvements this past week that have been positive, but the future is unknown to us(known to our heavenly Father). It’s hard to keep trusting and hoping but I do know that without God we can do nothing, without His peace, we would be hurting more deeply then we could imagine in times like these.

I ask that you please pray for Lydia and her family. She also has two little brothers that have had their lives turned upside down and are missing their sister. Please pray for them to have understanding and peace as well.

Dear God,
I thank you for your love and for your peace that you give us in our lives. I thank you for the Herrle family and the love they show for you/from you. I thank you for Lydia.
I pray Lord that you continue to hold Lydia in your hands. That you please continue to work on her inside & out. I also pray that when she does wake up that you will give her the “peace the surpasses understanding” that you have promised in your Word.
I pray for the Herrle family. Please keep them lifted up. I think of the “footprints in the sand” story. Right now I can see you carrying them through this valley of hurt. I ask that you please continue to provide for all their needs and to please let them be a whole family again soon. I know that Lydia needs a lot of healing and it may take a long time. Please make the time feel like it goes by quickly for the Herrle family, especially Lydia’s brothers.
I pray for everyone who knows Lydia and for those who have gotten to know her through these terrible events. Help us to know how to pray for this family, help us know how we can support them.
Thank you Lord for always hearing our prayers and for the answers you give.
In your Son’s precious name, Amen.

Now I would like to share with you the opportunity I got to use my love for running to help someone in need.
A group called, Run For Life held a “Classic Mile” event on Friday. Kids from ages 6 and older ran 1 mile in different races, to win prizes. It was held like a lot track meets I was part of as a kids. Part of this event was called the “Social Media Mile” this run was dedicated to Lydia Herrle and was part of a fundraising campaign to help the Herrle family with all the costs of traveling back and forth to T.O., food, and any extra help they need. When I heard about this event, I knew I needed to run.
There were several people who ran this mile, including radio personalities, business men and bloggers. I knew I wouldn’t win, I didn’t care. I knew I wouldn’t be fast (9:46.85) but I also knew I would run my heart out. A really touching thing that happened to me, was I was really far behind in the race, in fact I was lapped by the winner. I was on my last lap and the winner stepped up beside and and ran with me. He was encouraging me to keep on going. The last straight away to he told me to run my heart out and finish strong. Thank you, Mike, for the encouragement.
The event was very emotional and Lydia’s uncle was there to see the support pouring out for his little niece. At the end of the event, everyone who was there, runners and spectators, were invited to come down and walk/run 1 lap for Lydia. I took this time to pray and reflect and also thank God for my family. Lee, my 6 year old daughter has been impacted by this, in that she doesn’t understand why someone who hurt a little girl and drive unsafe. She also sees the Lime green ribbons (Lydia’s favorite color) around town and asks to pray each time we see one. I believe that although her faith is small, it’s big in God’s eyes. On the 1 lap for Lydia, Lee decided she wanted to run and actually ran her heart out for 2 laps. (you can see her running around a group of people in the video below, she is wearing a blue tank-top and green shorts)
Below are a few photos from the event. Lime Green is Lydia’s favorite color, so I made a shirt for her and my girls wore lime green as well.
If you wish to read more about the Herrle family and want to read updates on how you can continue to #PrayForLydia. You can check out their twitter page.

Here is a video from CTV about the event.