“A Hero For WondLa” book review

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MY Thoughts-
I reviewed the first book in this series, “The Search for WondLa” back in November 2010 and I have been counting down the days for the second book to come out, “A Hero For WondLa” by Tony DiTerlizzi. The wait was very long but I was NOT disappointed once I finally got my hands on this new book (Picked it up the day to came out). I read the book in two days and I can’t wait for the third book to come out.

Eva Nine in the last book was pushed from the only home she knew and the only place she had ever seen when a beast came and destroyed it. She went on a long adventure looking for another human like herself. Along the way she made a lot of new friends, not of her kind. And was viewed as one with a kind heart.
In book two, “A Hero For WondLa”, Eva Nine’s dream finally comes true, she meets others like her. But the thing is, she realizes they aren’t really like her. They all have been sheltered all their lives and have no clue of the alien world outside of their city. She feel uncomfortable and in the end needs to leave to help save her friends (the creatures not of her kind) from an evil man, trying to take back the world, by killing and hurting others.
Eva Nine learns more about herself and others around her in this book. You are left hanging and wanting more of the story. You’re hoping that Eva is able to help everyone and you hope the world can live in peace together.
“A Hero for WondLa” is a great page turner. There are a lot of great illustrations to help you imagine the world Tony DiTerlizzi had created. And the fun thing with this book is if you have a web cam you can use the book to explore even further through what they call, “”Augmented Reality“. I would totally recommend this book. It’s for kids ages 12-+100. Fast action, heart pulling, on the edge of your seat story. I LOVE it. My question to Tony is, how long til the next one? I’ll be waiting.

BUY it-

“Before the end of The Search for WondLa, Eva Nine had never seen another human, but after a human boy named Hailey rescues her along with her companions, she couldn’t be happier. Eva thinks she has everything she’s ever dreamed of, especially when Hailey brings her and her friends to the colony of New Attica, where humans of all shapes and sizes live in apparent peace and harmony.

But all is not idyllic in New Attica, and Eva Nine soon realizes that something sinister is going on—and if she doesn’t stop it, it could mean the end of everything and everyone on planet Orbona. Three illustrations trigger a 3-D Augmented Reality flying game that mimics action in the novel.”
I purchased this book myself and wanted to share it with you, my readers. I hope you will check out the WondLa book series. I know you’ll love it.