“An Adventure In Exercise” book series- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
As someone who has been working on my own health for the past 18 months I have become more aware and more concerned about our kid’s health. I was very excited when I was asked to review two books in the “An Adventure In Exercise” book series- “Spunky The Monkey” and “Joey The Kangaroo” by Len Saunders. Len Saunders is a huge advocate for children’s health and he created these fun books to help get kids moving at a young age.
Each book has a colorful photo on one page and a story with activities for your kids to do on the other. “Joey The Kangaroo” would be geared towards kids who may struggle with longer exercise and who are younger. At the end of the book there is an information section on each of the exercises your kids did and how to help them/encourage them to do well. And on a side note the book helps the kids to count to 10 with 10 different exercises. Love that fitness and learning are combined. Below is a short video of the kids doing just a few of the workouts from this book.

“Spunky The Monkey” is a bit more advanced and has your kids doing each workout a bit longer. At the end of the book are pages for each day with simple exercises your kids can do for each day. Lee really loves this and wants to follow along with it. She struggled with some of the moves in this book but she kept saying, “I want to try to do that again. I know I’ll get stronger the more I try.” I’m so proud of her.

Would I recommend these books? That is a huge YES!! The books I got to review were eBooks and since we don’t use our eReader with our kids very often I’ve decided to purchase a copy of these books for our library. And in fact I loved the books so much I’m purchasing an extra set to giveaway to one of my readers. So YES they are that good and I hope you all will check out the books and check out Len Saunders‘ website for more info on getting your kids healthy and active.

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