“Angel Eyes” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Angel Eyes” by Shannon Dittemore
This book was written in the different point of views of the characters of the books. You have Brielle, she 18 and has returned to her small home town after her roommate at the special boarding school she was attending was murdered. Her friend’s death has left her feeling cold, literally and alone. Her old friends don’t seem to understand her feelings and it makes her feel even more alone. Then this new guy moves into town, Jake. Jake is in many of the same classes as Brielle. She finds when she’s around him, she feels warm and at peace. she doesn’t know why but she likes it anyway. She later finds out his secret to his warmth and to his compassion for her. There is Canaan, he is Jake’s “guardian”, which Brielle thinks just means something like a foster parent. She finds out later that he truly is a guardian, sent from God to not only look after Jake but now her too. And lastly we have Damien, he’s a fallen angle who has not only displeased God but also the Dark Lord himself. He has to do something “good” side of his dark lord.
Damien finally sees his chance when he sees Jake heal Brielle’s broken leg with just his touch. He has to get this boy and change him for evil, he then knows he will please the devil. And while he’s on the hunt to get Jake he discovers that with Canaan’s halo, that Brielle can see the other realm. He knows he must stop her and use her to get to the boy.

This book gets you going. You can’t stop turning the pages. You never know what is going to happen and who might get hurt. It also got me thinking about my own spiritual life. Brielle was a non-believer before she met Jake. And even after she’s seen the other realm, seen what Jake can do and see who Canaan really is, she still has her doubts. It takes a lot of faith and trust for her to finally give herself to God. Lately for me, I’ve drifted away from God, my thoughts of Him and my trust in Him. I know it’s crazy but I have. After finishing this book, I spent many hours crying and praying and asking God for forgiveness of my doubts and my lack of showing love to Him. “Angel Eyes” really get my heart thinking and changing. I didn’t think a book like this would do that but it did.
If you’re looking for a book that is a high impact, fast paced adventure, that might just change your life I would totally recommend “Angel Eyes”. I’m really happy there will be a sequel to this book as it sort of leaves you in a cliff hanger (not a huge one but enough you want more) and I can’t wait to find out more.

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