Grocery Shopping & Nighttime driving with the 2013 Ford Flex

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It’s been a few days now and we’re really falling in love with the 2013 Ford Flex. Each day we find another cool feature and perk with the car. I want to share with you about the great cargo space it has, perfect for shopping with the family. And the awesome lighting features it has for night driving.

PowerFold 3rd-row seats– When we go shopping we buy for two weeks. It usually take up a lot of back row space and in our old van we sometimes have to take the seats out altogether in order to fit our food for those two weeks.
With the Ford Flex we were given to drive this week it comes with the PowerFold 3rd-row seats. With just one push of a button the seats fold in to make a nice flat area for your groceries. And, let’s say you need one of those back seats for a passenger. You can pick whether both seats go down, the right side or the left side. it’s up to your needs.
You’ll see in the video below how easy it is to use. And then in the photo after that, how nicely everything fit. We even had room for another 4-5 bags if we needed the space.

Illuminated Entry/Exit– When you hit the unlock button on your remote key, not only does the interior lights turn on, but so do the parking lamps, and what they call “puddle lamps”. I LOVE the “puddle lamps”. It’s a light under the side view mirrors that place a light on the ground to your door. It makes it easy to see and easy to get into your car. Those lights turn off once you start the car. The same things turn on when you turn your car off.

Ambient Lighting- Although this isn’t a must need feature, it really is an awesome one. The ambient lighting lets you pick the color of light that is highlighted around the cup-holders and floor light. There are seven colors to pick from and you can dim or brighten them as needed. If you don’t want any ambient lighting you can even turn it off. My girls totally loved this feature too. They each took turns picking a color we’d drive around with.

The Ford Flex has been a really fun car to drive around in. We even got mistaken for a celebrity once. We pulled up to a store and these teens run up to the car taking photos and said , “look, they are coming out of the car” (looked like they were hoping for someone important). Then they had a confused face when seeing me as the one driving, lol. They then asked if they could take a photo in front of the car.

My kids really really love this car. Lee told me tonight that she wished we could buy this car and that it would only cost a dollar. I totally agree with her. I really want a Ford Flex and I really want this model, but I will be happy with any Ford Flex, I love the size and shape of it so much.

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I was giving a Ford Flex to test drive for a week. In return I am giving my honest opinion about the car.