I’m test driving the 2013 Ford Flex for 1 week!!

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A few weeks ago I posted a tweet on twitter- “Looking for a “new” vehicle. Thinking of a @FordCanada Flex. Sounds perfect for our family. ‪#dreamoutloud”
Little did I know that that dream would come true. One of the community managers for Ford saw my tweet and asked if I’d like to test drive one for awhile. I said of course I would and things fell into place. On July 3rd I got to pick up this beautiful car pictured below.

The drive from Oakville is about an hour and fifteen minutes long so we got a good taste of what the car has to offer in this trip home. I’ll share a few of my first thoughts here today, then this weekend we’re going to take a day trip with the family to T.O. (I plan on posting about the trip and the Flex) and on the 9th I have to return the car and I’ll share my final thoughts after that.

Today’s trip was all about finding all the cool little features the Ford Flex has to offer.

1. The main system of the car can be synced to our phones and draw data from them. This also includes our phone book and play lists. This was easy to set up and the console gives you the info you need to set it all up.

2. There is a voice activated GPS system that allows you to speak in your destination and pick the best route you’d like to take. We had just a small problem with being able to understand which route we wanted but the GPS will change it’s route while you’re driving.

3. Cruise control– Once you set your cruise control you don’t have to worry about the traffic slowing in front of you. the Ford Flex is programed to keep you 2 car lengths away from the car ahead of you. This was a cool feature as we hit some slow point on our trip. The CC slowed us down and when the traffic picked back up it brought us back up to our desired speed.

4. heated AND cooled seats. I’ve heard of heated seats before but I’ve never heard or tried out the cooling seat feature. It was actually a weird sensation to have the seat cool down. but I’m sure this will be really nice if the car had been sitting in the sun all day.

5. back up assist– When backing up your console turns into a video of what is behind you. I know I’m going to love this feature this week. One thing I HATE doing is backing up, I’m never sure how close I am to the vehicles behind me.

6. Blind Spot Information System– This feature is very handy while driving down the highway. Both side mirrors have a light indicator that turns on when a car is in your blind spot on the side of you.

7. Automatic stow and go seats– I knew the Flex had stow and go rear seats, this allows for a very large cargo area when needed. The cool thing with the model we got is it has automatic stow & go. With just a push of a button the seats fold down to make a flat surface in the back. (I will post a video of this, this weekend.)

8. Fully adjustable for the driver– The seats, pedals, steering wheel are all adjustable with a touch of a button(once you have programed your desired positions). There is a personal button for the two main drivers of your car. So, when I’m driving I hit #2 and it sets everything to my desired driving needs and when Chris hits #1, it fits for him. We usually have to leave our seat at a “happy medium” to fit us both but not 100% comfortably. With this feature in the Ford Flex we don’t have to worry about this.

9. Dual automatic Temperature control– This feature totally rocks. I like it cold and on my face where Chris likes it cool and facing away from him. I had my a/c around 20 degrees and he had his around 22 degrees. We both were comfortable.

10. Active park Assist– You turn your turn signal on and press the park assist button. The car tells you when there is a good space to park and you put it into “reverse”, let go of the wheel and let the car park for you. We haven’t tried this totally yet, but will be this coming week. We did try to park with just one car in the way and it scared us how fast the car pulled backwards. I guess it’s a feature you’d need to get use to. I would love to feel comfortable using this, as I HATE parallel parking.

These are just a FEW of the features we tried just today. There are so much more, I can’t wait to share them with you.

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I was giving a Ford Flex to test drive for a week. In return I am giving my honest opinion about the car.