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Chances are, a couple you know has had or is having a hard time getting pregnant. While fertility issues can feel very isolating, about 20-30% of couples experience something called “subfertility” at some point in their lives, meaning it is taking them longer than expected to conceive. Women are usually the first to seek help, but research shows that at least half of the time couples have difficulty conceiving, a male component is involved, and in about 40% of subfertile couples the issue is caused by the male’s sperm quality. However, improving sperm quality IS possible.

ProXeed Plus is a dietary supplement formulated to optimize sperm health. Two packets of ProXeed Plus a day, taken over the course of 6 months, may enhance sperm count, concentration, motility and speed, which may help increase the chances of conception. In one particular study, the ingredients in ProXeed Plus were shown to result in a 20% increase in pregnancy rates as compared to placebo.

Additional ProXeed Plus product details:
*Comes in a powder form that easily dissolves in cold beverages, such as water or juice
*Has added nutrients targeted at reducing oxidative damage and supporting the formation and maturation of the sperm
*Has a pleasant fruit flavor
*Is only 12 calories
*Visit for additional information and purchase ($125 for a 1-month supply, 2 boxes containing 30 packets each)

I am sharing this info and hosting this giveaway because I know personally this can be an issue with couples who are trying to have a family. I’m not asking for any comments as I know this can be a touchy subject, the giveaway is easy to enter. Thank you for listening and I hope this giveaway can help a couple out there in need of help.

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