New Rechargeable Oral Irrigator by ToiletTree Products

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My Thoughts-
I love reviewing new products from ToiletTree Products. And their new Rechargeable Oral Irrigator did not disappoint me. I love the fact I don’t have to buy expensive batteries to use this device and that the rechargeable irrigator stays charged for over a month(45+ days), so no need to have a cord all over my bathroom everyday. AND it comes with two interchangeable nozzles, so that my husband and I can use the same device. The nozzles come with different color rings on them, making it easy to know which one is yours.

“But how does it feel? Does it work?” I’m sure those are some questions you’d like answered. I love the feel. There are 3 setting and all three feel nice on the gums, like a Pulse. I could also see a lot of grim come out of my teeth (not so yellow after using), so I would say it works too. On top of that I have very very crowded teeth and I love that it gets in between them all.
I do warn you though, it takes a while to get use to using it and I had many a water mess in my bathroom the first few times. But now it’s all great and I love using it every chance I get.
I totally recommend the NEW Rechargeable Oral Irrigator by ToiletTree products. Great for your teeth and easy to use.

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