O.O.T.W. Girls- toy review

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My Thoughts-
I was so excited to get the chance to review a new toy from Blip Toys, makers of Squinkies, called O.O.T.W. Girls. (Out of This World) totally trendy and cute. My oldest LOVES Squinkies and I knew the O.O.T.W. toys would be a huge hit too!

We were given Astra, she lights up and plays two different O.O.T.W. songs. When you push the button the music reminds me of someone going to space in a 70’s type movie. Her hair lights up and does two different patterns too. I also want to mention her arms can be moved up and down my your kid. My kids like to make her look like she’s dancing to the music.

Something unique about the O.O.T.W. toy is it has a QR code on the box. When you scan it you get taken to a link that takes you on a virtual tour of the dolls and the world they come from. Right now there isn’t much on the site from this link but the toys hasn’t even hit stores as of me writing this review and I’m sure way more will be added.

There are five dolls, two pets and a couple of play-sets so far for this toy. I know both of my girls want the whole collection and I;m sure it will be on their Christmas list this year. They LOVE the Astra and like to pretend to make her fly around the house while her music is playing.

My only complaint for this toy is there is no off switch. My youngest loves to push and push and push the button all day long. I would love to be able to turn it off for a bit while she plays (although knowing her, she’d figure out how to turn it off and on and drive me nuts that way, lol)

Besides the sound I really love this doll. It may only light up and play music but I love that it allows for them to use their imagination as to what the doll can do and is doing.

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