Saying goodbye to the Ford Flex is so sad (My Final Thoughts)

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This morning we dropped off the Ford Flex at Ford Canada headquarters. It’s a sad day. As a family we truly enjoyed driving this car around. It’s an excellent size for our needs, fuel efficient (Eco-Boost), has a lot of awesome safety features and some cool/fun extra features. We are looking to purchase a “new” vehicle and the Ford Flex is the one we want to get. It won’t be new and it won’t have all the amazing features or be top of the line. But we know it will still be perfect for our family. Below are just a few more features I want to share with you and I’ll end with some last words.

SAFETY features-
Rear Inflatable Safety Belts- The first time I went to buckle Lee into her booster seat I was shocked to see the belt was thicker then a regular belt. Once looking in the manual I found out that these are inflatable safety belts and will inflate during an accident. I love that! Besides other injuries in an accident you worry about belt marks and how they will dig in. I’m hoping with this feature it will help ease the impact the belt will have. The only complaint I have is it makes it harder to get a car seat in and to set it up properly in the booster seat.

Warning lamps & Indicators- There are many sensors around this car that help you drive safer and alert. One that scared me at first was an indicator to tell me I’m approaching a slowing down car or object too fast. There is a red light that flashed in your windshield and the car will beep at you. Once I knew what it was for it came in very handy while driving on the highway.

Rear-view camera System- There is a camera that shows you the objects behind your car and gives you lines on where you are turning. With this feature the car will give you a warning if you’re backing up too close to an object or will speak a warning if a car is coming down the street (“Warning, car approaching on the left”) . With using my own eyes and safety along with these features I feel it helps me back up with more confidence.
(Please do not rely on this feature alone when backing out. Always check around your vehicle be for backing out and keep alert.)

Other features-
Cruise Control- When traveling long distances and on the highway it’s nice to use the cruise control. With the model we had it shows us the exact speed we set the CC at and when approaching another vehicle it slows down to keep you two car lengths apart. Once the car is out of the way the CC will resume back to your set speed. This was a handy feature we used when traveling to the Toronto Zoo this past weekend. You still need to pay attention but with this feature you don’t have to slow down and start the CC back up on your own.

Intelligent Access key- This Ford Flex didn’t use a regular key, the key looks like the automatic door opener on your key-chain but does everything for you. You can unlock/lock the car, open the power liftgate and the car won’t start without it inside. My favorite feature is the power liftgate. With kids in tow and my arms loaded with bags from the store I found I can’t get the back open without putting everything down. With the power liftgate I had Lee take the Access Key and open the back for me. LOVE it!!

Moon roofs- There is a large moon roof over the front seats of the car, two individual moon roofs over the second row and one large one again in the third row. Before we picked up this car we were looking a several other Ford Flexes, I said without a doubt I did NOT want one with a moon roof but now after test driving this Ford Flex I have changed my mind.
All the moon roofs have a shade that can open and close. Perfect when the sun is too bright or hot, you can just close them. When we took the car out at night it was fun to open them on look at the stars and moon. The front moon roof window opens allowing fresh air to blow on through. It was hot this past week, so we didn’t use it much, But I can totally see us using it during the cooler weather.

Cup Holders- I’m only mentioning the cup holders because we had a good laugh out of the fact the car has 12 cup holders. There are four for the front row, six for the second row and two for the third row. The front row cup holders are located in the middle console and in the doors. The 3rd row cup holders are on the sides. The second row cup holders are located in the following. There is a pullout section close to the floor in the middle console that has two cup holders, a cup holder in each door and there is a fold down arm rest in between the outside seats that has two cup holders as well. We personally loved the armrest cup holders. The kids were able to easily get their drinks. But when someone is sitting in the center seat the door holders will work best for our kids. Allowing the center passenger use of the fold down section on the floor.

My Final Thoughts-
I was really/truly sad to see this car go. We loved almost everything about it. Our drive home was a long one but we were able to talk about what features we really needed verses wanted. And we started dreaming about someday owning a Ford Flex of our own.
For this past week I had been driving around the top of the line of a Ford Flex, the Limited, and there were a lot of extra features added to the car. The price is not in our reach but looking at the Ford Flex SE, it is more attainable and will still have a lot of the features we fell in love with. Plus we really loved all the leg room the front and second row seats had, way more then our van, and we know that all the Ford Flex vehicles will have that same leg room.

If you’re in the market for a new car and have a large family that like to travel a lot I would highly suggest the Ford Flex. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

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I was giving a 2013 Ford Flex (Limited w/ many upgrades) to test drive for a week. In return I am giving my honest opinion about the car.