Shopping and Saving

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As a family we always do our best to search for good deals on products we need as well as things like gifts, toys, or things for around the house. Through the years we have used many different websites to help with this. When we were in College, we bought all of our Christmas gifts on eBay. With set budgets, and an idea what we wanted to get each other, we set out finding the best gifts for our money.  Soon after we were married, when we were looking for a home theatre system, we were able to find an amazing price on the amp and surround speakers that were brand new but were either old models or a display model for an amazing price. We still use them today as they sound great and have stood the test of time. Now that we have a new TV and Blu-ray they sound even better!

When we started having kids, we quickly found stores and websites to find clothing and toys at a good price since they outgrow them so quickly. Stores like ‘Once Upon a Child’ and websites like Kijiji have continued to be go-to places to find what we need to get slightly used items at a great price since it’s unlikely that our kids will actually wear it out before they out grow it. We can then re-sell the items to help cover the cost of the next size up!

More recently we have started getting more into couponing. This allows us to get much more for our money on groceries, clothing and more, both online and at local retailers. Combined with tools like price matching, we watch for the best deals where we may be able to buy slightly more then we can use at the time, but can easily be frozen or stored for later on in the future. We even have some things that we use all the time that we were able to get at an amazing price (probably close to 60-70% off the normal price or more when combining price matching and coupons) that we were able to buy enough that it’s lasted us 6 months so far and we still have lots left!!

A new site that we have looked at is CouponSnapshot. They provide special deals, voucher codes, Feel Unique promo codes and coupons for lots of great products and services.  I would encourage you to take a look and I’m sure you will find it to be a great resource.

This is a sponsored post but it is based on personal experiences and suggestions.