Tech and Saving

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One of the things that irks me is the high phone bills. With family all over North America, we have to find different ways to save on  telephone, long distance and cell phones and we are always on the lookout for great telecommunication deals.

Over the last few years many things have improved and there have been many different ways to save. Big telecom companies have tried to bundle services to lower costs, and with new unlimited plans and VOIP services there are many options available.

In Canada, we seem to have better North American long distance plans, but overall US customers seem to have much more options for lower costs plans. provides straight talk coupon codes that will help you in your search for lower cost cell phone services.

Because we live far away from both parents, we have to be creative when finding ways to communicate with them in a way that keeps them connected with our kids. We have found programs like skype provide a great way to have a much more personal way to communicate while seeing each other. It’s great for the kids to see their grand parents as well as our parents to see the kids grow in between visits a few times a year max.  We were also to make use skype over Christmas this year to have a video call with our ‘sister’ in Germany who an exchange student with our family back in high school.

I know that every time I move and have to look at what options I have it’s hard to see the difference with the limited options that I’ve had in the past. It will be nice to know in the future that when I am looking to make a change that there are many more options available for me to choose from and great deals all over the place.

Make sure you do your homework before getting stuck with a company for a long time. Make sure that you don’t rush into something because it sounds like a good deal as it often isn’t the long term contract at a higher price after the ‘promotion’ period is over isn’t always worth it.

This is a sponsored post but it is based on personal experiences and suggestions.