“The Deposit Slip” book review

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Nathan’s Thoughts-
“The Deposit Slip” by Todd M. Johnson

This story revolves around a young lawyer, Jared Neaton, who is trying to make a successful practice apart from a large firm. Jared is approached about taking a case worth millions if everything works out, problem is the only known evidence is a deposit slip for $10,315,400.00 and that on its on is not proof. Jared must fight an uphill battle against a huge multi-million dollar law firm that might have more at stake than just protecting their client. And to top it off the judge seems to want to hurry things along not giving Jared the time he needs to find any evidence. Aided by his assistant, his client, a few friendly towns people and his estranged father, Jared must uses all his determination and intelligence to solve this case.

The Deposit Slip is a 357 page fictional novel written by first time novelist Todd M. Johnson, who was a lawyer, and is published by Bethany House. It is a very interesting read that takes you into the hard and gritty work of a young lawyer trying to work at a high stakes case. Mr. Johnson does a great job of introducing and developing the plot with out giving everything away. As a Christian I really loved how the author talked about God with out being abrupt about it. But the themes of righteousness, honesty, integrity, forgiveness and justice are woven through out the book and are showed in a number of ways. I did find this book a little difficult to grab my attention, but the fact that it may not be my normal style of fiction reading may have something to do with it.

I would recommend this book for both male and female readers are young adults and older as it includes terms, situations and concepts that younger readers my not be able to understand or may find unsettling.

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