“The Line Between Here and Gone” book review (w/ Q&A from the author)

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Short synopsis-
“Amanda Gleason was distraught when authorities declared her boyfriend, Southampton real estate developer Paul Everett, a no-body homicide. They discovered signs of a struggle around his abandoned, blood-spattered car but were unable to find a body after days of searching and dredging. Amanda was even more crushed when she realized that she was pregnant with a child that Paul didn’t live to see. When she discovers that their newborn son, Justin, has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and desperately requires a stem cell transplant, Amanda laments the fact that the best chance for Justin’s survival would’ve been Paul, if only he’d been alive.”

My Thoughts-
“The Line Between Here and Gone” by Andrea Kane
Amanda is lost not knowing what to do for her three week old son, Justin. He’s sick and needs a perfect blood match for a transfusion to save his life. She’s not a match and there is no one on the donor list that is a perfect match either. Five months prior to the birth of her son, Paul, the father of Justin is presumed dead. That is however until one of her friends spots a guy in D.C. that looks exactly like him. Amanda hires a group of people, Forensic Instincts (F.I.) to hunt down this man and to find Paul. He’s Justin’s only hope to surviving. Little did she know that F.I. would be finding out a lot more then just finding her long lost lover.

I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down. My heart was racing and hoping they would find Paul or any perfect donor for Justin. I was also on edge hoping everyone on the F.I. team would be safe. The information they were uncovering was becoming dangerous. it even seemed that at one point that Amanda was in danger too. Justin’s health kept declining and Amanda was having a hard time staying strong. I didn’t blame her, I wept at each set back.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the ending was one you read in a fairytale, and wouldn’t expect in this type of book. but I enjoyed it. I liked walking away from a good and feeling relieved. I will say that you don’t expect the ending the author gives you until almost the very end. What you think is happening isn’t so.

I hope I got you very interested in reading this book. I loved it. If you enjoy a good crime solving book I think you’ll love this one. It’s intense and fast paced. i would also like to say I hope the author writes another book bringing back the Forensic Instincts team, really started to fall in love with these characters.

Q&A from the author-

1. Q: Is there a specific element in your writing that you find most challenging?

A: Descriptions. I’m much more audial than visual, so I tend towards writing “she got dressed” rather than detailing her clothing. Whereas dialog comes naturally to me, so I concentrate hard on being more descriptive.

2. Q: Which author inspires you most?

A: It depends on when you catch me. There are so many talented authors, each mastering an element. I go back as far as Carolyn Keane, when I first started reading mystery novels as a kid. I was a big mystery reader, so later it was Agatha Christie and on to Robert Ludlum. Now I read all genres, and my most memorable ones are the ones that are character based.

3. Q: What, do you feel, is your biggest success?

A: From a professional standpoint, hitting the NY Times Bestseller list and hearing from my readers about how I’ve impacted their lives. But on a personal note, being a mother is the most rewarding role I fill.

4. Q: What are you in relation to your siblings? Are you the middle child? The baby of the family?

A: I’m the baby of the family. Establishing my own identity was the challenging part, but being referred to as “baby” when you’re an adult has its perks!

5. Q: Describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.

A: A mother is desperately searching for the father of her newborn baby – hoping that he’s alive and is a donor match to save her critically ill son

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