Traveling and Saving

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Our family loves to travel, but with the cost to travel, and with family living further away, we need to plan longer trips only once or twice a year to see them both because of the cost, as well as taking the time off work. We often take a few weeks at a time and travel out to Iowa, or up to Manitoulin Island to visit our parents.

When we travel we do all we can to save money along the way. We pre-plan where we will stay over for the night (often at friends houses, but sometimes we will plan ahead and find a good price at a hotel close to the highway). We also buy snacks and small meals in bulk to save significant costs on the price of food at convenience sores.

When you travel with family it’s important to remember that the journey is often just as important as the destination. Take your time, don’t rush, enjoy the time with your family. Slowing down a few km/hr will also improve the fuel economy of any vehicle and help you save money on gas, especially on long trips! Keeping your tires at the proper air pressure, and keep your vehicle properly maintained will also lead to important savings.

There have been times, even with emergency trips, that we have to do everything we can to save money on traveling by air or train. It’s important to look around to find not only the best deal, but also make sure that it also fits the timing that we need to travel, as well as ensuring there aren’t too many flight changes/layovers with the kids. provides a great resource for travel deals. We looked across many different travel sites before we finally decided on which one to finally book our tickets with, and it would have been really handy if we were able to find Expedia coupon codes that they provide.

Saving money when you travel is very important as you never know when something unexpected comes up so the more you can plan ahead the less little extras will pile up along the way leaving you with a bigger bill to pay once you get home.

This is a sponsored post but it is based on personal experiences and suggestions.