$50 Xperience Days gift certificate giveaway!

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I am excited to share with you a company called, Xperience Days. They are the leading provider of unique gifts and experiences. When I first heard of them I wasn’t sure what I would see but after looking over their site and finding places/things to do in Chicago and Detroit I’m thrilled to see all the activities you can do for under $100 and other bigger ones for a great price too.

When I searched activities to do in Chicago, my old home town, I found something I would LOVE to do even now. A “Chicago Skyline Tall Ship Sail For Two:. I love Chicago and the beauty of it’s buildings. How fun would it be to see it from a Ship?

One thing I remember most about where I lived in Chicago was smelling chocolate all the time. If I was there now I could go on a Chocolate tour for two hours around the city with Xperience Days. It would be a dream come true. I remember spending days saying, “mmm… I just want to go eat all that chocolate.” Now I could experience it with a friend at a great price.

Now that I live in Canada I go to a lot of boarder States to have fun. One Place we like to go is Detroit. There are a lot of great Xperience Days activities I can sign up as of the time I was looking at it. One I just HAVE to do is a “Detroit Hot Air Ballooning For Two”. It would be amazing to view the city, floating slowing over it. I’d also love to do the “Skydiving Detroit”, skydiving is on my bucket list and I’d love the chance to do it someday.

I really think you all would love to head on over to Xperience Days and check out all their unique gifts and deals they have to offer. You now have a chance to win a $50 Xperience Days gift certificate. There are a lot of great activities you can sign up for in many cities all over the States!

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