BassBuds not your average earphones- review

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My Thoughts-
When it comes to listening to music on my mp3 player I love to be able to hear the back beats and bass. I love when I can feel it in my chest, it relaxes me. I find the average over the counter earphones don’t give me the quality I’m looking for. With BassBuds, I not only get a great sound but so much more.

I was given a pink pair from their classic collection to test out. First off they are really cute. They came in a nice sturdy BassBuds box. the box contained a set of black silicone buds, clear silicone buds, and memory foam buds (each in small, medium and large); a soft draw string bag to store the earphones in; instruction card; product book and your BassBuds earphones. Some of the features you get with the BassBuds are, a built in microphone that works with your smart phone, a controller to use with your phone or mp3 player, genuine Swarovski crystals in each side of the earphones, tangle-free cable, gold-plated audio jack and advanced crystal sound technology (HD audio)

With all the choices of ear buds I had no problem finding the right fit the was comfortable and fit for best sound. For a test I put on my favorite song that had the most bass on it. With regular earphones I have to have the volume cranked almost all the way up in order to hear the music and bass. With the BassBuds I had to turn them to half volume because they picked up the sound so clearly. And then the bass, oh it came out so lovely, so deep. I felt like with these on I was hearing the song for the first time. I could hear musical parts I never heard before. I look forward to going through my whole play list and hearing them again for the first time.
I then decided to try out the phone and microphone feature. My smartphone doesn’t have a voice control that works, so I couldn’t test out that feature but I was able to make a hands-free phone call and it was so nice and clear for both of us. There wasn’t a lot of static or background noise coming through my microphone.
This is my FAVORITE feature. On the cord is a touch button. This button allows you to control your smart phone, voice control, music and on BlackBerrys a mute function. I loved being able to listen to my music and press the button (once) to play and pause it. If I want to skip to the next track all I have to do is press the button twice consecutively and if I want to listen to the previous track I just have press it three times. The feature is easy to use and it’s so nice not to have to turn my mp3 player back on to change things. The only thing missing for me is a volume control, that would make it perfect.

I am very impressed with my BassBuds. With all you get and the quality of sound these are very much worth purchasing. In fact I would even say i think these would be a perfect, must have, for Christmas. You have plenty of awesome colors to choice from, I’m sure there is a perfect color for each person you know.

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