“Flight from Blithmore” (The Storyteller’s Tale Volume 1) book review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
“Flight from Blithmore” (The Storyteller’s Tale Volume 1) by Jacob Gowans
“Flight from Blithmore” is a tragic, romantic tale that keeps you turning the pages till the very end. I was not disappointed with taking the time to read this book. In fact, even when I had to put the book down for the day I still felt like I was in the story.
The story leaves you hanging and wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book. I NEED to know everything will be alright and what adventure will happen next.
The story takes place in the time of noblemen, kings and kingdoms. It opens up with an old storyteller coming to a hotel pub. hes has an importance story to share about true love, friendship and tragedy…
…Isabelle and Henry have known each other since they were very young. Even at a young age they knew they were going to be together forever. Isabelle’s father has other plans. He wanted her to marry a man from a noble family. Henry’s family is rich but just a working family, which is not good enough for Isabelle’s father.
As they get older they fall more in love. Henry goes to ask her father if he could marry her. He gave an absolute, “NO!” and threatened to kill him with his sword if he ever saw his daughter again.
To prevent then from sneaking off, Isabelle’s father sells his daughter to the Emperor of the next kingdom. Henry tries to rescue her by putting a sword to the Emperor’s neck.
Henry, Isabelle, along with their friends, Ruther, Brandol, Eric (Isabelle’s brother) and Maggie (Henry’s sister) all go on the run from the authorities. The story takes us through a couple of months of being on the run. You hope they make it to the boarder. I don’t want to give anything away so I will leave my synopsis at that.
The end of the book brings us back to the storyteller leaving before the story is finished. He will be back the next next night. The people in the pub were left hanging, just like us as a reader. I look forward to the storyteller coming back soon to share more of this story.
I LOVED this book and hope you all will check it out. You can get it for a great price on amazon for your kindle. I loved the book so much I am going to giveaway an eBook copy(kindle version) for one of my readers.

“Henry Vestin is neither a fearless adventurer nor a daring swordsman, he’s a master carpenter who only wants to marry Isabelle Oslan. Isabelle’s father, however, will stop at nothing to prevent their marriage. When her father’s plotting attracts the interest of a king and an emperor, Henry mounts a heroic rescue which makes himself, Isabelle, and their friends the most wanted criminals in the land of Blithmore. Embarking on a daunting journey to flee his country and escape execution, Henry discovers he must become more than a carpenter. He must learn to lead when friendships are tested, to have strength when spirits are broken, and to press onward when he has nothing left but love.
FLIGHT FROM BLITHMORE is the first volume of THE STORYTELLER’S TALE, an epic adventure series about bravery and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal, escapes, battles, and lots of mayhem.”

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