Modular Construction Toy, 3D Race Track Kit review & giveaway

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Chris’ Thoughts-
As I sat down to watch the last few moments of this years summer Olympics I decided to start getting everything prepared ahead of time for my kids to start playing with this cool looking toy (Modular Construction Toy, 3D Race Track Kit). I spread everything out to make sure I had everything then started taking everything out of the separate little bags. I tried to find instructions as to what decals went on what pieces, but couldn’t find anything, but soon found it to be pretty straight forward and was able to use the outside of the box as a reference as well. I was very glad I started doing the decals while the kids were taking a nap as I know our youngest wouldn’t have had the patience to wait for me to get them all on. I figure it probably took me a good 20-30 minutes to get all the stickers put on.

Once I had the stickers on and the cars put together I started putting together track that was included in the instructions. I found the instructions very easy to follow and the pieces went together easily yet firmly. They have a very unique locking system that helps keep the pieces together very well and the plastic for the track was also not too soft or flimsy.

Soon after I put it together my youngest woke up and she really enjoyed pushing the cars around the track and investigating and discovering all the little details like the stop lights, gas pump, flags, police man and stop arms that can go up and down. The whole set is full of colours which make it great too look at and help add a sense of learning to play for our youngest. She loved to switch back and forth between the blue and red cars.

After my oldest woke up and played for a while, we decided to try a different configuration. Unfortunately, only one set of instructions was provided, but the box shows three different ways that it can be setup (they say there are over 10,000 possible configurations, but it would have been helpful to have at least a few more instructions to kick-start our imaginations). It took a little extra time, but we were able to replicate one of the designs on the box and they had fun playing with it that way as well.

I would definitely recommend Modular Construction Toy, 3D Race Track Kit (the the other kits) for boys or girls of a wide range of ages. It is well built and even though our youngest may have pushed a little hard and some pieces slightly separated, it was easy to just click it back in and keep playing. We also love that the box doubles as a carrying case to keep the pieces together and out of the way when not being played with. I’m sure we will see hours of fun both playing and creating new and exciting configurations.

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