Thursday, August 23, 2012

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MyMemories review & giveaway

Jen’s Thoughts-
I got the chance to review MyMemories Photobook software. It’s a program used to create scrapbook pictures digitally. You can have the company send you a photo album of all your creations.

I am a digital scrap booker in my spare time and use Photoshop for my creations, so when I got the chance to review this product I jumped on it. You pay a small fee for the scrapbook software which includes basics to start with. You then buy your extra kits that you would like and away you go.

I enjoyed using this software because it’s already laid out for you, so for beginners it’s a very easy program to use. I also enjoy the fact that you can create a photo album and get it mailed to you. The kits people make are also amazing for this program!

Although this program is laid out for you and very easy to learn and have fun with, I didn’t like that I couldn’t be as creative as I can with other programs. You can’t really layer a whole lot using this program, it’s almost very basic. If you do however layer embellishments, it’s almost frustrating that if you want to move a certain embellishment and there’s another one near it, it’s very hard to highlight the proper one and move it. Again I’m not a beginner and there are certain things I like to do with my scrap booking that I had a hard time doing with this program.

I recommend MyMemeories to anyone who enjoys scrap booking. Any beginners this software is an amazing program to have! Also anyone who enjoys being creative with their pictures. This program is so easy to learn and enjoy!

Here are a few of my creations-

Find it-

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  1. I like the boy toys photo book. I need to do Judes second year!!

  2. Leanna Morris says:

    I like the Delirious kit

  3. Sunkissed Shores!

  4. I like the angels among us pack and more.

  5. Sunkissed Shores is so cute, and we live so close to the ocean, it would be perfect!

  6. susan varney says:

    i like the denim page borders

  7. Karen Propes says:

    I love the Many Thanks by Marie H designs, I love fall and Thanksgiving.

  8. I like the Fabulous Fall kit.

  9. christina barnes says:

    Sunkissed Shores

  10. I love the jungle theme page.

  11. Susan Joslin says:

    I love love love the Creative Hands package

  12. christal c w says:

    I like the “candid blueberry pack”

  13. susan smoaks says:

    i love the fabulous fall pack!

  14. Sarah Yurga says:

    I like Creative hands