NEW Raggedy Ann doll from Aurora World Inc.- review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
Growing up I had a special Raggedy Ann doll that was given to me by one of my mom’s relatives. I got this when I was a baby and remember many house playing with her and cuddling with her. When I heard that Aurora was coming out with the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls I was so excited. I now can share a memory with my daughter and let her start new memories with her own doll.

When I opened up the box the doll was in I became overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. She looked almost exactly like my doll and the happy memories from my childhood kept coming back. I took the doll out and started hugging her and remembering. I love that they didn’t change the look of the doll from what I remembered as a kid. I really couldn’t wait to give her to Lee and see what she thought.
As I knew she would, Lee was ecstatic to see this doll. I then sat her down and shared with her as many memories as I could about the doll I had growing up. She told me she hoped to have a lot of memories with her doll so she can share them with her kids when they grow up too.

As with all Aurora products I wasn’t disappointed. Amazing quality, great detail and totally cute. Did any of you have a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll growing up? Don’t you think it’s great to be passing them down to the next generation and share our memories with them?

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