“Rockstars” DVD review

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My Thoughts-
“Rockstars” from Phase 4 films was a very interesting movie to watch. It revolved around a community of earthworms. They were viewed as the low life of the insect world. ‘All earthworms are good for is digging dirt and trash”. Barry, an earthworm is out to prove them all wrong. He forms a disco band and enters them into the local rockstar contest. Everyone laughed at them. Gloria, Barry’s friend is part of the band but doesn’t have the confidence to sing. She’s believing what others are saying about them. In the end they prove everyone wrong, they don’t win the contest but they win so much more.
The movie teaches about not stereo-typing others, believing in yourself and if you don’t win it’s ok as long as you tried your best.

I really didn’t enjoy this movie as much as my daughter. I did love the disco music I could sing along to. Lee even asked me how I knew these songs if this was the first time seeing this movie. I told her that the music was old, just the movie was new.
There were a lot of questionable material that I wouldn’t normally let my children see, but it was still a fun movie for them to watch and as a parent when they get older and understand more of the movie, when they ask me questions about things I will explain it to them and what we believe. But for right now they just see it as a fun movie with great music.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to all families. If you are extremely conservative family you might want to preview it before watching it with your kids.

“Featuring the voice of Glee’s Jane Lynch, Rockstars is an animated film about Gloria and Barry, two earthworms who attempt to make the world’s greatest disco band. Rated PG//78 minutes”

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