Saturday, September 1, 2012

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“Be Still” a new devotional film from the series “True Beauty”- review & giveaway

My Thoughts-
Be Still” a new devotional film from the series “True Beauty” by Lisa Chan

Every woman knows the feeling. Regardless of her age, her income, or her family situation, women today are facing the challenges of a busy life and the stress that comes with it. Obligations to children, husband, job, church, friends, committees, and the pressures of everyday life have created a spiritual crisis for women. Because in their efforts to be everything to everyone, women have forgotten the ONE who really should be their everything.”

I had the privileged of previewing the first devotional video in the True Beauty series, “Be Still“. The video is shot similar to the NOOMA videos, as it’s told with a one person story. In “Be Still” it’s spoken in the point of view of two women, with two different stories and how they have learned to Be Still with God. One of the women speaking is Lisa Chan, she shares her personal story of needing to spend time with God and how it happened for her.

I needed this video. The words, “Be Still” and “spending time with God” have come up a lot recently in my life. I know I’m busy and I’m pretty sure you all can say the same. But do we take the time to be with God? We need food, water, exercise, air… and we NEED time with God to truly survive.

Do I/you spend time with God? I mean real time, not just church or Bible studies but one on one time? “Being Still means, you and God alone, just the two of you.” I am working really hard for this alone time to become a daily habit. Just like exercise, it’s not easy to take that time for yourself but once you start and stay dedicated it just because the way you live.

I really loved this video and I look forward to the rest that come in the series. There is also a downloadable “reflection” guide that comes with this video. I really can see working with an accountability partner through these videos and encouraging each other along.

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  1. Heidi Leno says:

    I would love to own this film because i want to dig deeper into God’s word and become more a women of God he want’s be to become:)

  2. I’d love to own this film as it teaches God’s truths with practical applications I can apply to my life.

  3. Laurel Wycoff says:

    I am currently raising 4 children as a single mom. I want to be able to pass on a legacy of Godliness to my children.

  4. I like the fact that the story is told from the viewpoint of how GOD sees people. I would love to win this and watch it with my daughter.
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  5. I like that it has a lot of scripture and application to your life.

  6. Renee Walters says:

    I’d love to own this film as it teaches God’s truths.

  7. christal c w says:

    I would like some friends to see this about what truebeauty is

  8. julie bolduc says:

    Pray everyday!!

  9. Wayne Lecoy says:

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  10. So I can learn what true Godliness is.

  11. This would be for my nieces!

  12. Because I’d like to share this inspirational and religious film with my family

  13. kathy pease says:

    id love to see this it sounds very inspirational and some days I truly need this

  14. susan smoaks says:

    i am always telling myself to be still and this dvd would be a nice uplifting story for me

  15. I would love this for my best friend who is going through a hard time.