“Finding Nemo” 3D- review

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My Thoughts-
My daughter and I had the joy of attending the pre-screening of “Finding Nemo” in 3D. I loved this movie even before I went to see it and I knew it would be amazing to see it in 3D. My daughter was supper excited too. With all the bright colors and underwater shots the screen came to life in 3D. There was so much detail and I felt like I was watching a whole new movie, seeing some many things I’ve never seen before. I even loved the details I could see, like when they show the fish tank in the dentist office for the first time, you can see finger prints on the tank. Just like you would see in real life.

Before the movie there was a animated short of Toy Story, “Partysaurus Rex”. Rex is told by his friends that he is a party pooper, when he is brought into the tub and faced with trying to prove he is not a party pooper but a Partysaurus Rex. With tons of color and lights this 3D short was so much fun to watch.

Of course I would recommend going to see this movie. Both my daughter and I loved it so much. Even more then seeing it on regular DVD version. I do want to make sure if you have younger kids that haven’t seen this movie before to be sure the sharks and large tooth fish wont scare you kids. There were a few kids crying when these scenes happened. But for my girl, she loved it and thought the sharks were so funny. We want to go see this again this weekend. It comes out today and you’re not going to want to miss this.

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