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When I was asked to share the below message from Betty White I knew right away I was going to say yes. microchipping brought our beloved Smokey back home for us. If it wasn’t for the fact he had a chip I don’t think we would have ever seen him again.

The grey cat in the middle is Smokey. He was our “baby” for 7 years. We had to give our cats away to family and friends do to some health issues but we still loved them and wanted to see them often. Smokey was at a friend’s house and one day when they were rushing out of the door they didn’t see him get out. He was missing and they didn’t know what to do.
A day later I got a phone call from our local humane society. They actually went out of their way to find us. We had forgotten he had the chip and had moved three times since he was registered, which meant our phone number was wrong. (please be sure to update the info on your pet’s chip when you move or change phone numbers) The lady let me know she had to do a lot of calling around but was so glad to find us. They had found Smokey and he was safe and I could pick him up.
Our friend was gone for a day so we got to spend the entire day with him, love him, cuddle and even cry (I missed him soooooo much). I was so glad that we had a microchip in him so he wouldn’t be lost and wouldn’t have to stay in the shelter for too long.
I will leave this story with some facts and a short video from Betty White. For more info please visit the HomeAgain website.

“Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will go missing in its lifetime and, without identification, 90 percent will not return home? These unfortunate, yet preventable statistics are what motivated celebrity and avid pet lover, Betty White, to film an informational video about pet microchipping.”